Concrete Cutters Perth – Techniques

If you want to get started in the construction sector, you need to be aware that every project requires some form of core boring or concrete cutting. These terms may appear seemingly simple and straightforward, but technically there are many points that require one’s due diligence to execute a safe and successful project.

Basically concrete cutting projects require some of the best equipment that are sharp, in good condition, an adequate supply of cool water and most importantly an experienced and competent operator. These professionals should be well acquainted with any potential hazards while at work to ensure a job well done. In this article, you will learn some of the popular techniques that are used for concrete cutting purposes.

Concrete wall sawing – Concrete Cutters Perth

Concrete Cutters Perth | Classic Concrete PerthThe concrete wall sawing method involves a circular blade that is attached on a track-mounted device. This track allows the tools to scale the walls and also cut ceilings in the process. Usually, this technique is slated for wall cutting tasks that are much thicker – more than 16 inches but not for walls that are more than 36 inches thick. That will require a different technique entirely and needs an operator who has more expertise and on-site experience.

Diamond drilling – Concrete Cutters Perth

Diamond saws are usually used when a job needs to be done fast with precision. These techniques require fewer operators on the ground. It also allows a user to cut other metals such as reo bars that are often needed in a construction process. Diamond saws are generally silent while in operation and generate fewer vibrations compared to other types of concrete cutting and drilling tools. What’s more, they are less likely to cause damage or harm to the surrounding floor or concrete surface.

Flat drilling – Concrete Cutters Perth

If you wish to part flat surfaces, flat drilling is a process to go for. The aforementioned surfaces include bridge platforms, pavements and floors. To some, flat drilling is also considered to be slab sawing as well. This method allows the user to keep his or her tools in a cart that can be pushed from the rear. Such conveniences can help one to easily reach broken wiring or pipes under a concrete floor, patching, plumbing canals and even roads on highways.

Wire sawing – Concrete Cutters Perth

Wire sawing is cutting method that is used for larger concrete cutting jobs, when all other cutting methods fail. The saws that are used in this method consist of multi-strand cables that have small diamond segments that are aligned through a few pulleys and attached to a wheel that is powered by hydraulics. The wire spins to cut the material when the wheels start to pull the cables.

Core drilling – Concrete Cutters Perth

When precise circular holes are needed, one should consider core drilling. This process can be used to form an exit for heating or air-conditioning vents, electrical wires and pipes to fit through. Core drilling machines, which have diamond-tipped bits, can also be used to collect concrete samples.

All in all, all the above stated methods are high efficient for concrete cutting jobs but there are certain guidelines to follow while in operation. Concrete dust is a by-product from such projects, and can be harmful to one’s eyes, sinuses and lung. Additionally, the dust may become corrosive and abrasive to surrounding concrete surfaces or structures too.

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