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As well Perth’s leading concrete driveway expert, Classic Concrete Perth offers concrete driveway repairs for all of Perth. If you’re planning some renovations involving putting part of a concreted area to a different use, you will need a concreter who can accurately cut, trim and dress the existing concrete. And you may need the remaining surface re-contoured to make sure it sheds rain water effectively. Classic Concrete Perth’s Glen Simich has been cutting and repairing concrete in and around Perth for more than 30 years, and is an expert at creating concrete drainage solutions to protect the resulting surface from flood risk.
You can’t afford to have the job done poorly, there’s only one solution – Classic Concrete Perth.
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Concrete, when expertly poured, lasts for a very long time. Sadly though, a good deal of concrete is poorly prepared and poured, and will begin to prematurely degrade, flake, powder and crumble. Classic Concrete Perth can complete a concrete driveway repair with expert attention and the costs of a complete remake avoided. At Classic Concrete Perth, we cut the damaged area away with a wet saw, before making good the defect by dressing it with a concrete mix that matches the original pour.
If you have concreted areas that are showing their age, arrest the decay by calling Classic Concrete Perth to discuss a solution. Contact Classic Concrete Perth for more information about repairs and cutting service.