Concrete Drainage Solutions

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If you have large areas of poured concrete on your property, you’ll need to ensure that it’s contoured to allow efficient runoff to a soakwell, or to the main concrete drainage system. Failure to drain properly can result in pools of standing water, which in turn can lead to serious damage, not just to the concrete itself, but to adjacent areas that may be affected by spillage.
Classic Concrete Perth specialise in the design and execution of effective concrete drainage solutions and soakwells for concreted areas. When we lay fresh concrete surfaces, we incorporate an efficient drainage plan into our work. But if you’ve already got a concrete surface, and it’s not draining well, don’t worry – we can help.
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We have the techniques and expertise to excavate poorly contoured surfaces, installing grilles and ducts to drain your concrete run-off to the safety of the nearest main or stormwater drain. And we can protect your garage from water damage with a grill-protected threshold drain. We also provide you with solutions to roof water drainage problems, linking your guttering to the underground drain system with downpipes.
You really can’t afford to put up with a poorly drained concreted area. One heavy downpour can leave you with damage to your property. Worse than that, your insurers may well decline to compensate you, if the damage was a foreseeable consequence of faulty drainage! Talk to Classic Concrete Perth’s owner and operator Glen Simich today about a concrete drainage solution or soakwells. Glen’s many years of experience will soon produce a workable and affordable solution, and set your mind at rest.