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more than 35 years of experience
Paving gives to a surface a pattern and texture that is instinctively appealing. But a paved surface is an open invitation to weeds, ants and other insects to take up residence. So it’s fair to say that a paved surface can come with an unnecessary irksome level of maintenance. The answer lies in using liquid limestone, otherwise known as poured limestone, to create a simulated paved surface.
Liquid limestone is a variant of concrete that uses crushed limestone in place of the more commonly used aggregate stone types, to produce a surface that provides ample grip, and yet is smooth and cool to the touch, even in hot weather. Liquid limestone can be inscribed with any number of attractive patterns to simulate paving. However, because the paving is simulated, and the surface is in fact continuous, it avoids the problems of weed growth and ant invasion from which true paved surfaces tend to suffer.
durable liquid limestone

Classic Concrete Perth’s Glen Simich has been supplying Perth’s home- and business-owners with beautiful, durable liquid limestone paving surfaces for decades. Because Glen understands his material intimately, he is able to mix liquid limestone pours that avoid the problems of cracking and crumbling that plague the work of less experienced concreters, giving pleasure and service to their owners for many years to come, even in the most challenging conditions of use.


If you are contemplating resurfacing a driveway, patio or other outdoor surface, and you want to know more about liquid limestone paving, give Classic Concrete Perth a call, or send us a contact request. Glen will take you through the pros and cons of the various materials available and help you with measuring and determining quantities, and with a costing for the job you have in mind.