Liquid Limestone Driveways Perth

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more than 35 years of experience

Classic Concrete Perth’s liquid limestone is a mixture that uses crushed limestone in combination with cream cement to produce a stunning, durable finish that is cool to the touch, even in strong sun. In the right hands, poured limestone creates a surface that resists the growth of weeds, withstands heavy use without cracking or flaking.

Limestone flooring is poured in the same way as concrete, which requires far less maintenance than individual pavers. And with our large selection of pave patterns it looks absolutely great, too.

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Liquid limestone is a wonderfully versatile material, but working with it holds some traps for the inexperienced practitioner, leading to crumbling and premature decay. Classic Concrete Perth is Perth’s leader in liquid limestone driveways, and we have the experience of thousands of successful pours, in all kinds of locations.

We know how to prepare and execute a liquid limestone pour so that the result will give you many years of maintenance-free satisfaction under the most challenging conditions.

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At Classic Concrete, you’ll get the very best advice on your project.
We’ll explain the pros and cons of the different materials we work with, and why liquid limestone is such an advance over paving. And we’ll help you in determining quantities, selecting finishes and colours. Choose from a variety of finishes, including concrete or sandstone textures – or choose a natural limestone finish for your limestone driveway. And with the palette of pigments we can use in your pour, a great choice of colours is now available.
How to measure your driveway?

here are a number of things to take note of when measuring your driveway:

  • square metre = length x width
    e.g. if your driveway measures 5 metres x 8 metres = 40 square metres
  • cubic meter = square meter x depth
    e.g. 40 square metres x .100mm = 4 cubic metres
    e.g. 40 square metres x .80mm = 3.2 cubic metres
  • All driveways MUST be no less than 100mm thick in order to hold the weight of 1-2 cars with an average weight of 1.3 tonnes each
  • All alfresco paths and patio areas MUST be no less than 75mm thick in order to hold an average person’s body weight