Concrete Driveways Perth

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The concrete driveway is often a finished home’s final flourish. It’s got to look good, and it must stand up to many years of heavy use in all weather, handling water run-off efficiently. And it must do all this without costing the earth. All these criteria can be met with a concrete driveway from Classic Concrete, Perth’s leading concrete contractor.
These days, concrete is no longer the dull, grey material we got so used to in the 20th century. Today we can mix our concrete with one of 15 different pigments, bringing colour and flair to your driveway, with a surface that requires a minimum of maintenance. Add to that the fact that our concrete driveway pours are inexpensive, compared to other materials and provide a smooth surface, yet with a safe measure of grip, and the case for making your driveway out of concrete couldn’t be stronger.
Professional Concrete Driveways
If you are renovating your driveway, you’ll need to find a concreter who understands driveways, and has the experience to prepare a pour that will give a durable, aesthetically pleasing result that is graded in such a way as to drain rainwater thoroughly and quickly. Classic Concrete Perth is owned and operated by Glen Simich, a concreter with over 31 years’ experience in preparing and pouring concrete in Perth. A driveway by Classic Concrete Perth avoids the disadvantages of flagged surfaces – the growth of weeds, transit of ant colonies and so forth.
As well as creating beautiful, durable concrete driveways for Perth’s householders and business owners, Classic Concrete Perth also creates liquid limestone driveways and offers a concrete repair service for the restoration of degraded concrete surfaces.