5 Reasons Why You Should Install Concrete Driveways

The amount of wear and tear that a driveway undergoes is usually higher than the other parts of a house that get foot traffic. This is due to all the friction and weight generated by vehicles. Thus, this subjection of pressure and abuse make installing concrete on the driveways a preferred option. Not only this, but there are various other reasons why you should install concrete driveways in your home. Let’s find out.

Functionality of Concrete Driveways

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Whether your vehicle is a big SUV or subcompact vehicle, concrete’s strength and deep density make it a favorite for load bearing material. This functionality makes it very hard to crack which can even last up to 30 years. This is why most bridges, parking lots and roadways are constructed using it.

Low-cost facelift potential of concrete driveways

Oftentimes, you might get the urge after several years to do a facelift of your concrete driveway which is very cheap. This can be achieved by simply adding a thin layer of concrete on top which has your desired texture and color. As a result, you are assured that it will in a good shape for many more years.

Curb appeal of concrete driveways

With the ability to design your driveway using dyed concrete to give that eye-catching and unique look to your home, it makes a good reason to have it laid. Whether you prefer a certain texture and want it polished, there is flexibility in designing your dream concrete driveway. When done correctly, this custom finish design enhances and complements your home while at the same time adding value and creating that awesome curb appeal.

Maintenance of concrete driveways

The simplicity in maintaining concrete driveways is another reason as to why you should install them. By using the solution of water and a mild soap, detergent, you are able to remove stains and marks with great simplicity. At times, it may become necessary to scrub with a granular cleaner and then power wash to make sure that the blemish or stain is completely removed.

In instances where the concrete is sealed, you will have to apply a resealing application to protect the surface, but this will be needed every two to three years after first seal has been applied. If it has been polished, then applying a topical sealant is needed to protect that finish. Thus, minimal maintenance will be required while it gives you that desired service.

Cost efficiency of concrete driveways

The longevity of concrete driveways also ensures that they are cost efficient and a good addition to the home. Because they last longer, you will be getting more value for your money spent on them. When compared to other options, the maintenance cost is usually incurred after several years. This cost efficiency is further seen in the way it increases the value of the home when the concrete driveway is laid using patterns and colors.

As you can see, there are many advantages of having a concrete driveway in your home. Although the primary reason will be because of the longevity and low-cost, the other reasons listed above make it a good option to install them in your home. So when you are installing your driveway, you should always be aware that you have the option of having it custom-made to suit your dreams!