What Are The Different Uses Of Limestone?

Limestone, a type of sedimentary rock, is actually a great rock to use in neutralising excess acidity of soils and lakes. Additionally, however, it is being used in the process of purifying iron for blast furnaces. Apart from these uses, it is also recognised in the world of construction materials. Taking things further, let us all become familiar with all of the different uses of limestone.

For trail making and construction purposes

As mentioned, limestone has made its name in the world of construction. More specifically, it is used in making trails and in strengthening the foundations of a building. With these, many business owners have already considered how vital limestone is in order for a structure to last a longer period of time.

For feeding chicken

Believe it or not, limestone can be used to feed chicken. Remember, however, that only the pulverised version can be purchased for this specific purpose. The main reason why limestone is being purchased to feed chickens is to help them properly form the eggshells that they will eventually lay. Consider this purpose or usage of limestone as part of what is being practised today.

For sports facilities

If you will look closely into your sports facilities like the field used for various outdoor sports such as football, soccer and baseball, you will notice that powdered limestone is present on the field. Powdered limestone is created out of crushed limestone and is now used to line the different fields used for a wide array of field-based sports activities and games.

For the garden

limestone garden

As mentioned previously, limestone offers a lot of help when it comes to controlling acidity of the soil. This makes a limestone a perfect fit for boosting the growth of your garden plants. Limestone has a special capacity to help maintain soil fertility. It can also remove any bad odours inside animal stalls and kill germs that may be present in the garden or in the backyard.

For facilitating construction of roads

Part of the specific uses of limestone in the world of construction is facilitating a lot of construction procedures especially those related to building roads, pathways and highways. On a more particular note, limestone can remove mud and dirt over road surfaces. It can even give the road a more polished look thus making it appear cleaner, shinier and more attractive.

For ponds, pools and lakes

If limestone can be used to line the playing or sports field, you can also use it to line ponds and lakes. Alongside this, you can use it to line your pools at home as well. Limestone can help eliminate the muddy appearances created by snowfall or rainfall in any place where lakes, ponds and pools can be found.

For your driveway’s foundation

Limestone has the capability to strengthen the foundation of buildings. It can also strengthen the foundation of your driveways. It will help your driveway achieve the longevity and durability you want out of it. Some can even have colourful variations to make the driveway or pathway look more attractive.

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