Concrete Driveway Maintenance

Ensuring that your concrete driveway maintains its quality is not an easy task. It is a tedious one but very much called for. To ensure this happens, you can opt to hire professional services or simply do it yourself. Of the two options, the latter will be more tedious but less expensive. The only way to get to know that your concrete driveway needs your services every now and then is to simply pay attention to any fluctuations. If you notice holes or cracks in your driveway, you should patch them up the soonest possible to avoid the expansion of the problem.

Concrete driveway maintenance is an important issue and here are some of the most frequently asked questions: 

How do cracks occur?

Cracks are as a result of moisture seeping into the driveway. This water expands during the winter especially as the water starts to freeze. This action makes the concrete in the driveway loose and the cracking begins. Trees within the vicinity can also lead to cracks in your driveway. As the roots penetrate through the soil, they mess up with the concrete resulting in cracks. The sooner you patch these cracks, the lesser the damage you’ll have on your plate.

How do you avoid these cracks?

Sealing your driveway annually will go a long way in keeping any form of moisture out. In any case, if the moisture finds its way in, the plague to your driveway begins. Depending on how deep the crack runs or how wide it is, different fillers should be used. Before you fill these cracks, it is advisable you check for any broken pieces or other fragments inside the crack. A chisel will help you dig out these unwanted pieces. If this is not done, the filler might not serve the purpose it’s meant to. After cleaning, only then can you patch up the crack then apply the filler. These fillers are easily accessible in hardware store.

Application of the sealer

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After you’ve applied the fillers, wait for them to dry up before cleaning or sweeping the blacktop. Once you are sure that all the fragments are nowhere to be seen in the driveway, you can go ahead to apply the sealer. The purpose of the sealer is to make sure the driveway remains crack-free for the longest time possible. After its application, you’ll need to give it a minimum of about 24 hours before it can dry.

Excess damage

In case the damage to your driveway is serious, then you will need to do resurfacing. This means that you get a completely new top layer of concrete. Any spillages to your driveway should be cleaned immediately to avoid cracks. To do this, simply use water and soap. Avoid the use of toxic chemicals in your driveways as they may eat up the concrete bit by bit.

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Some of these tasks might not be easy to execute and might call for more time and energy. Currently, the life most of us live do not accord us enough extra time on our hands and therefore might be forced to call in a pro. 

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