The Use Of Limestone Pavers

Limestone pavers have become increasingly popular for a wide variety of applications over the years and it is not difficult to see why. These pavers have a unique texture and look, and are able to add or enhance sophistication and elegance in most outdoor landscapes. Compared to other stones that are available on the market, limestone is considered as a soft, sedimentary stone containing small fossils. Sometimes it could be the foraminifera, coral or other marine life forms on its surface. As mentioned limestone is very versatile and some of it other uses include being an ingredient in toothpaste or the core of a beautiful landscape in one’s backyard. In this article, you will learn a little more about these pavers.

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What do limestone pavers look like?

Basically, limestone is lovely to look at and can be found in white, cream, gold, blue, green or gray. Typically darker coloured limestone pavers gradually fade over time. Although some owners or individuals appreciate the looks of a faded stone, it is pertinent to note that a particular piece limestone paver will not be able to retain the same shade of colour, be it blue, green or gray, over the years.

Lighter coloured limestone pavers on the other hand, like white, cream or gold, typically display more marine fossils. Because limestone pavers come in different textures, sizes and shapes, it can be easily customized to one’s liking by modifying the cut of the stone. Simply put, the desired look of the paver will depend on how its edges will be split, tumbled or chiselled.

Rugged and ready for battle limestone pavers

Although limestone pavers tend to lose their colour over time, they are built to last for centuries of service. Because they are so durable and reliable, they can be used for the following home applications:

  • Landscaping
  • Stepping stones
  • Verandas
  • Courtyard
  • Pathway
  • Walkway
  • Pool perimeter
  • Patio
  • Driveway

How do I care for limestone pavers?

Since limestone is a sedimentary rock, it is naturally porous. Hence, it can absorb accidental spills and become quickly stained. However, one can rest assure that it is also equally easy to clean. First, you simply sweep the limestone surface to remove off any unwanted debris or unwanted dirt. Second, you need to use a specific cleaner that is made for use on limestone for further cleaning. Ensure that you avoid products that contain harsh acids or other substances like bleach.

In some cases, when the limestone paver still looks stained, you should consider using a poultice to absorb the remaining stains. As mentioned, be sure to choose a poultice that is safe to be used on limestone materials. Without much trouble, the poultice should be able to draw the stain out of your limestone paver.

When you feel it is time to take the next step with the addition of beautiful limestone pavers to your lawn or driveway, contact our professional contractors at Classic Concrete Perth. We are always ready to answer your enquiries as well as provide sound advice for any limestone paver related project you have in mind.