Liquid Limestone Paving Perth

Poured, or liquid limestone is all the rage in construction today as it is stronger and looks better than traditional paving methods. Common methods of paving were brick, normal concrete or stone. However, there have been multiple complaints when it comes to the use of these materials in paving. Issues that brought great concern include cracking of pavements after some time and inhabitation by ants.

Liquid limestone eliminates some of these issues, and even bringing much more benefits with it. Poured limestone, also referred to as liquid limestone is the latest product promising to end all the problems. The great benefits that poured limestone brings include:

No weeds and ants in Liquid Limestone

Liquid Limestone | Classic Concrete PerthStone paving always looked superb, especially when well arranged. However, they require a great lot of maintenance. If not given the maximum attention they require, issues arise. Since there are gaps in between the paving, this easily facilitate passageways for ants and in no time you start seeing anthills come up on your pavement. Likewise, the gaps in between create enough room and potential for weeds to grow in. These two are the greatest nuisances since even after killing the ant and uprooting the weeds, after a while they will come back up. With poured limestone, there are no gaps in the paving and thus no possibility whatsoever for weeds and ants.

Strength and durability of Liquid Limestone

Liquid limestone is for a fact stronger and firmer than all types of paving. It is for this very reason that it is now the first choice when it comes to making driveways. This is because it can be able to support even the heaviest of vehicles and machinery; those which would have caused great damage to normal brick and stone paving. Apart from this, it is also quite durable, lasting years under constant use.

Great feel of Liquid Limestone

Poured limestone leaves one of the smoothest of texture. It is impossible for poured limestone to be rough. For those nature lovers who like walking barefoot and feeling the ground underneath them, it is the best paving option for your home. It has a great cool feel to the soles of your feet and has good traction and therefore there is little chance one can slip even on wet days. In addition, it remains cool even under exposure from the sun. Stone and brick paving heats up under sunlight and thus you cannot comfortably move around in the heat of the day barefoot. However, for poured limestone, its thermal properties keep it at that cool temperature even at the highest of solar temperatures

Diversity of Liquid Limestone

Another great benefit is the color and shape diversity it offers. With liquid limestone, all one needs to do is add oxide to the mixture to get the desired color. This is known as staining. The fact that the color is created through staining means you can get almost any shade that you want. It can also come in various styles and patterns, all according to your preference. Since it is liquid, one can easily pave any area without having to cut and shape such as with stone or brick paving. This allows for ease in shaping and creating beautiful patterns.

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