Concrete Flooring Perth

The time was when you would only consider concrete flooring for the most utilitarian of purposes – not so today, when coloured and polished concrete is finding great favour among architects and interior designers as a stylish, elegant flooring material that rivals materials such as marble. But concrete flooring has to be handled with care and skill by an experienced concreter. Too often we hear stories of concrete floors which looked good when they were first poured, but quickly succumb to cracking, staining and crumbling. To avoid disappointments such as these, call Classic Concrete Perth to lay your concrete floor.


Polished Concrete Flooring Perth 

For over thirty years Classic Concrete Perth has been supplying homes, hospitals, retail premises and industrial spaces in Perth with beautiful polished concrete floors that have stood the test of time. Classic Concrete Perth is owned and operated by Glen Simich, who knows how to prepare and execute a concrete pour that will give the results you want – a beautiful floor, free of cracks, blemishes and crumbling – for many decades to come. Once the concrete is cured, Glen polishes the surface to a high gloss finish with a palette of 14 colours to choose from.

As well as laying traditional polished concrete flooring, Classic Concrete Perth specialises in liquid limestone paving, a variant of concrete in which crushed limestone is used instead of conventional aggregate, giving a surface that is always cool to the touch, even at the height of a Perth summer.

So if you’re choosing a polished flooring for your project, get in touch with Classic Concrete Perth today.